Friday, October 21, 2011

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We dropped everything here at No Hassle at the Castle in recent weeks to give daily coverage to the Occupy Wall St. protests. The rationale was that if big media was going to ignore the the protests, as it did for the first two weeks, then small media had to lend a hand - if every blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, and so on was talking about the protests, and more importantly, showing the pictures and video, then big media would start to look pretty silly pretending nothing was happening.

Well now the protests are too big to fail. They're nationwide and global, and big media has grudgingly realized it can't go on covering Kate Middleton's new royal responsibilities and other equally pressing stories at the expense of OWS. So here at the Castle, we can go back back to mixing in some of the other subjects that the title of the blog alludes to.

Here are a series of studio snaps I intended to put up in September before regularly scheduled programming was preempted: