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More Signs of Intelligent Life on Earth

Some blog activity worth noting:

As I've mentioned in these pages before, one of my favorite art blogs is Mark Stone's Henri Art Magazine. He tends to post thematically, and his most recent series is about Romanticism and its current relevance. This is a ballsy topic to take on, inviting all kinds of cynical post-modern sneering, but he's handling it with a rare combination of force and intelligence. His most recent post on the matter is my favorite yet.

And there's a new blog on block called Immaterial Culture, with only a handful of posts so far. All good, and lots of promise for the future; you should have this one on your radar screen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Paintings I Like, pt. 67

Henri Matisse, Dance (I), 1909. Oil on canvas, 103" x 154."

"Given a correct fundamental attitude, it would turn out that the procedure of making a picture is no less logical than that of building a house. The human aspect need not be considered. One has it or not; if one has it, it will show up in the work anyway."

-Henri Matisse

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