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Paintings I Like, pt. 66

Barnett Newman, Onement III, 1949. Oil on canvas, 72" x 34."

My good friend Michael Zahn pointed out that the Ab Ex NY show should be a permanent installation at MoMA. I couldn't agree more - New York City's most important modern art museum should permanently display New York City's most important art.

This work is, to me, looking better and better with the passage of time. And so much of the work that cropped up in opposition to it is looking decidedly weaker as it is further and further removed from it's particular moment of historical relevance.

As I walked through the show with George Hofmann, my painting professor from Hunter, he said more than once: "I'm so happy." I was, too.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Paintings I Like, pt. 65

Ad Reinhardt, "Abstract Painting," 1963. Oil on canvas, 60" x 60."

"In painting, for me no fooling-the-eye, no window-hole-in-the-wall, no illusions, no representations, no associations, no distortions, no paint-caricaturings, no cream pictures or drippings, no delirium trimmings, no sadism or slashings, no therapy, no kicking-the-effigy, no clowning, no acrobatics, no heroics, no self-pity, no guilt, no anguish, no supernaturalism or subhumanism, no divine inspiration or daily perspiration, no personality-picturesqueness, no romantic bait, no gallery gimmicks, no neo-religious or neo-architectural hocus-pocus, no poetry or drama or theater, no entertainment business, no vested interests, no Sunday hobby, no drug-store museums, no free-for-all history, no art history in America of ashcan-regional-WPA-Pepsi-Cola styles, no professionalism, no equity, no cultural enterprises, no bargain-art commodity, no juries, no contests, no masterpieces, no prizes, no mannerisms or techniques, no communication or information, no magic tools, no bag of tricks-of-the-trade, no structure, no paint qualities, no impasto, no plasticity, no relationships, no experiments, no rules, no coercion, no anarchy, no anti-intellectualism, no irresponsibility, no innocence, no irrationalism, no low level of consciousness, no nature-mending, no reality-reducing, no life-mirroring, no abstracting from anything, no nonsense, no involvements, no confusing painting with everything that is not painting."

-From "Abstract Art Refuses," Ad Reinhardt, 1952

Friday, December 3, 2010


Barring legislative intervention, NYC Off Track Betting, the only bookie in history to consistently lose money, will close its doors forever after today's races. O, the humanity!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paintings I Like, pt. 64

Jackson Pollock, Number 1A, 1948. Oil and enamel on canvas, 106" x 210."

As much as I like this painting, I've often felt that Pollock made a mistake leaving such large spaces at the top - they can feel like they're sagging instead of rising. If I were king, I'd turn a lot of Pollocks upside down, like this: