Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cobweb Castle

Cobweb Castle, 2005. Acrylic on panel, 30" x 23."

There are 38 paintings in the Circles and Stripes series, all from 2005/06, and they range from extremely small (two are only 5" x 5") to medium size (30" x 23" and 16" x 48").

I tend to think more about the space and atmosphere that I want to depict more than I do about figuration. The space in these pictures comes mainly from two sources: Venetian painting and computer-generated imagery.

The Venetians used high key, close value colors to get that incredible, invisible mist that pervaded the pictures. The Pastoral Symphony, by either Titian or Giorgione depending on who you believe, is a great example, maybe the best (this one will be featured in a future installment of "Paintings I Like").

The space in the current crop of 3D animation (Pixar and the like) really has my attention. The figures continue to get more and more more naturalistic with each new release, but in the end still look very fakey. But the space in between the figures is surprisingly convincing, to me it looks a lot like the space we all live in. That contrast - these little artificial and slightly robotic things running and jumping through this very believable space is a source of endless wonder. I've suffered through a bunch of inane movies (and in fairness, a few good ones) just to look at that space.