Friday, July 6, 2012

Tornados and Practical Baskets

The conspicuous lack of posts this week is attributable to the summer intensive course I teach in July - five days a week all day, it's kind of like temporarily having a real job. Yikes! But I didn't want to leave the Castle in a complete state of neglect until August, so I thought I would share one of the more creative Spam comments I've gotten. It's usually porn links, bootleg software and fake Gucci stuff, but sometimes people work in things like this:

Someone might have their house burned down, or a tornado hits it, or they just lose it over the years. Practicality is one of the most important features of any basket. They can be independent as long as they know how to hunt. Also, consider using winter formula paintballs. God has seven men in His right hand always; when one dies He replaces with another. Breast augmentation cant be ignored. The good news is that almost anyone can use this very same technique to burn fat faster and get more out of their exercise regimen. With the increase in cat obesity, the other benefits of gourmet cat food is that they usually come pack in smaller packages and therefore less likely to overfeed your cat and become overweight. Qualifying as a trained worker means that employee must be certified to identify, assess, evaluate, and control such hazards.