Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paintings I Like, pt. 80

From the top:
Bridget Riley, "Current," 1964. Acrylic on board, 58" x 59."
"Fission," 1963. Acrylic on board, 35" x 34."
"Blaze," 1962. Acrylic on board, 43" x 43."

"Ghosts in the Machine" was a typically forgettable exhibition by the New Museum, but the show begins (or ends, depending where you start) on a very high note with this group from Bridget Riley. It was especially nice to see the superlative "Current," which spends way too much time in storage.

It was interesting that a central curatorial theme in the "Ghosts" show was a call for the reevaluation of Op in light of the of the uncanny way it foreshadowed digital imagery. A lot of us noticed this a long time ago - but this isn't surprising, the big institutions are usually the last to the party. Better late than never!