Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Preakness, Plus Bonus Coverage

2012 Kentucky Derby winner I'll Have Another (top) and Bodemeister in a recent public service spot for dental hygiene. It's nice to see athletes giving back to the community.

I'm afraid that Professor Paulie's big Preakness analysis is as pedestrian as can be. I like the first and second choices, in order, and what's worse, I like one of the two third choices to come in third. Oh, well.

Bodemeister has the perfect front-running style for this race, and looks to get almost no pace pressure at the bell. I'll Have Another should be able to race a little closer to his butt without the 20-horse Kentucky Derby cavalry charge to contend with, but unless someone goes up front to wear down Bodemeister, the favorite will be hard to catch. The longshots all look like rank outsiders - whereas some of the Derby shots actually looked live. The only X-factor I can see is the turnaround time; Bodemeister is coming off a colossal effort with only two weeks rest. But even if he poops out, I would simply vote to advance I'll Have Another for top honors. Here it is, boring as can be:

7 - Bodemeister
9 - I'll Have Another
6 - Creative Cause

My racing buddy, JK, master of the multi-race ticket, is going to join me at Belmont Park to watch the simulcast of the Preakness from Pimlico. As it turns out, they have horse-racing at Belmont as well - what a coincidence! Since I'm going to be there anyway, I though I would play that card as well. Here are Paulie's picks for Belmont Park, Saturday, 5/19/11:

1st race:
10 - Chardsey
11 - Logical Order
3 - Springcourt

2nd race:
4 - Reload
8 - Unbridled Fire
1 - Rise Against

3rd race:
8 - Ecstatic Cat
9 - Sheridan Square
5 - Keyaly

4th race:
6 - Stirred Up
5 - Inflation Target
3 - Street Brawl

5th race:
10 - Coronation Day
5 - Corofin
6 - Pin

6th race:
8 - Souper Spectacular
5 - Sky Blazer
1 - Yankee Fourtune

7th race:
9 - Winter Now
6 - Night Site
11 - Ur

8th race:
6 - Nice Stuff
8 - Take It Inside
11 - Sparks Will Fly

9th race:
3 - Saginaw
1 - Uncle T Seven
6 - Mine Over Matter

10th race:
3 - Hardrocker
2 - Power Emblem
4 - Dynabrook

Tune in tomorrow night for video and results.