Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OWS Evicted from Zuccotti Park

Tuesday, 11/15/11, at Zuccotti Park:

3:36 a.m: Kitchen tent reported teargassed. Police moving in with zip cuffs.
3:33 a.m: Bulldozers moving in
3:16 a.m: Occupiers linking arms around riot police
3:15 a.m: NYPD destroying personal items. Occupiers prevented from leaving with their possessions.
3:13 a.m: NYPD deploying sound cannon
3:08 a.m: Heard on livestream: "they're bringing in the hoses."
3:05 a.m: NYPD cutting down trees in Liberty Square
2:55 a.m: NYC council-member Ydanis Rodríguez arrested and bleeding from head.
2:44 a.m: Defiant occupiers barricaded Liberty Square kitchen
2:44 a.m: NYPD destroys OWS Library. 5,000 donated books in dumpster.
2:42 a.m: Brooklyn Bridge confirmed closed
2:38 a.m: 400-500 marching north to Foley Square
2:32 a.m: All subways but R shut down
2:29 a.m: Press helicopters evicted from airspace. NYTimes reporter arrested.
2:22 a.m: Frontpage coverage from New York Times
2:15 a.m: Occupiers who have been dispersed are regrouping at Foley Square
2:10 a.m: Press barred from entering Liberty Square
2:07 a.m: Pepper spray deployed -- reports of at least one reporter sprayed
2:03 a.m: Massive Police Presence at Canal and Broadway
1:43 a.m: Helicopters overhead.
1:38 a.m: Unconfirmed reports of snipers on rooftops.
1:34 a.m: CBS News Helicopter Livestream
1:27 a.m: Unconfirmed reports that police are planning to sweep everyone.
1:20 a.m: Subway stops are closed.
1:20 a.m: Brooklyn bridge is closed.
1:20 a.m: Occupiers chanting "This is what a police state looks like."
1:20 a.m: Police are in riot gear.
1:20 a.m: Police are bringing in bulldozers.