Friday, September 30, 2011

Paulie's Picks, Belmont, 10/1/11

It's been a rough go of late for New York, for America, and for the west generally. Policies which cater to wealthy individuals, corporations, banks, and insurance companies, pursued strenuously and without interruption for over 30 years, have left a staggering number of Americans jobless, impoverished, homeless, hopeless. A tiny fraction of the population lives in luxury beyond its wildest dreams, with wealth not generated from innovation and ingenuity, but from institutionalized gambling in which losing bets are covered by taxpayers. The Tea Party is rabidly pursuing an intensification of these draconian policies, even though most of its membership is victimized by them. When unarmed college students dare to engage in peaceful protests, they are corralled with nets like animals, and sprayed with mace. Obama's promise for a fairer society has turned out to be another Clintonian center-right sophistry. New York City now has a staggering 20% poverty rate. The official national unemployment figures are nearly 10%, but these numbers do not include people who have stopped looking for work, or work part-time. One-third of American homeowners owe more on their homes than the homes are worth, and the people who engineered the policies that led to this disaster were not jailed, but paid bonuses. Even more surprisingly, many had and still have jobs in the Obama Administration! Iraq and Afghanistan drone on, Guantanamo is still open for business. The U.S. recently sent arms aid to Bahrain, even as the Bahraini courts handed out lengthy prison sentences to doctors for treating protestors shot by police. The entire European Union is being dragged down by the debt crises of its weakest members. America is dwindling, withering, slowly rotting from within, like Rome and so many other empires before.

I guess I'll go to the track. Tomorrow is the Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont, and Stay Thirsty, coming off a strong victory in the Travers at Saratoga (shown above), looks good. Still, three G1 victories in a row is a lot to ask, so I'm going to vote for the number two choice in the morning line; Flat Out, who had a couple of close seconds in big races at Saratoga this summer.

And remember, when things seem their darkest, you should try and think about something else. Here are Paulie's Picks for tomorrow's card at Belmont Park:

1st race:
3 - Mississippi Duel
12 - Unbridled Command
11 - Parachute Coney

2nd race:
5 - Indy Sea
2 - Two Months Rent
7 - Dendrite

3rd race -
5 - Love to Run
6 - Teeth of the Dog
2 - How Do I Win

4th race:
7 - Twojohnsandajack
6 - Quick Recovery
4 - Dahess

5th race, The Flower Bowl Invitational, G1:
8 - Stacelita
4 - Aruna
2 - Dynaslew

6th race, The Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Invitational, G1:
1 - Cape Blanco
5 - Winchester
2 - Teaks North

7th race, The Vosburgh Invitational, G1:
8 - Trappe Shot
6 - Big Drama
4 - Euroears

8th race, The Kelso Handicap, G2:
2 - Jackson Bend
3 - Uncle Mo
1 - Jersey Town

9th race, The Beldame Invitational, G1:
5 - Havre de Grace
2 - Royal Delta
1 - Life At Ten

10th race, The Jockey Club Gold Cup, G1:
1 - Flat Out
4 - Stay Thirsty
5 - Drosselmeyer

11th race:
6 - Knock Quietly
1 - Polaris Dream
4 - Windafull

Tune in tomorrow night for video and results.