Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bring It

My biggest complaint about blogger.com is that they do essentially nothing to protect users from spammy comments; the only safeguard they provide is to have a log-in process prior to writing comments. When I first started getting spam on my posts, I initiated these limited security precautions, but there are two problems: many people stopped commenting, and the spammers came anyway, albeit with less frequency. The Asian porn guy was largely undaunted (how's it going buddy?!).

Well, I really want people to chime in on my posts, so I took away the limited protections blogger offers in the hope that readers will feel freer to participate. If staying ahead of the spammers takes too much of my time, I'll either restore the security log-in, or consider finding another platform.

So feel free to comment! And try to ignore the Asian porn guy, I'll see if I can't stay one step ahead of him.