Monday, October 19, 2009

Fakin' Bacon

Its really hard not to take potshots at the world's richest artist - I genuinely try not to do it too often because it will almost always smack of sour grapes. And to be fair, I find certain works by Damien Hirst visually interesting, especially the butterflies, but also some of the dots and spin art.

He must be feeling very confident in his position, though, because last week he opened a show of decidedly undergrad-looking paintings in the style of Francis Bacon (himself pretty undergrad-ish), and said this to reporters:

"That's why I stopped [painting] in the beginning when I was 16, because Bacon had sort of covered it all and basically I was making bad Bacons. But then through everything I've been through I've sort of come out the other side."

It's nice to see an artist return to his roots.