Sunday, August 9, 2009

No Hassle Comes Home

The staff of No Hassle at the Castle is back from it's whirlwind northeast tour, and I'm sorry to report that Commentator didn't get to cap his career with a record-tying 3rd Whitney win. He was cooked in a speed duel with Smooth Air and Tizway, and Bullsbay, the longest shot in the field, was the beneficiary. Saratoga was still a gas.

The Venice show at the MFA in Boston was far beyond sublime. It's up for one more week, and if you're in a position to see it I highly recommend that you do. As Holland Cotter pointed out in the Times, with the world's economy being what it is you're not going to see too many shows like this in the near future - shipping 50 or 60 priceless paintings from Europe is far too costly.

The show will be the subject of several installments of "Paintings I Like" over the next couple of weeks.