Friday, May 29, 2009

Paulie's Picks, Belmont, 5/30/09

Marvelous news was recently delivered by the Long Island Railroad after a brief but calamitous turn of events. Earlier this year, the LIRR announced that because of deep budget deficits, cuts would have to be made in service - among them the train that provided service from Penn station to Belmont Park. Horrors!

The racing industry freaked out and I freaked out, but happily, cooler heads prevailed and service was restored this week. The State of New York is essentially the bookie here, and I really don't think they could stand another broadside to NY racing; an industry which is already in steep decline. Some say it's a sport that will be no more in the not too distant future. Where will I find titles for my paintings?

So, at noon tomorrow I'll be riding one of my favorite trains to one of my favorite places. Picks are below, subject to revision based on how soggy the turf and dirt are after all the rain we've had this week.

1st race:
4 - Bad Action
6 - Berning Blaze
7 - Pop Panebianco

2nd race:
6 - Ballythunder
7 - Soonasigetpaid
8 - Fort McCoy

3rd race:
5 - Prince of Iron
7 - Debating
6 - Japengo

4th race:
3 - Cool Coal Man
2 - Discreet Treasure
4 - Fierce Wind

5th race:
2 - Storm Hope
3 - Quiet On the Tee
8 - Cops Fever

6th race:
5 - Miller's Mint
4 - Blue Bullet
1a - Gold Close to Home

7th race:
1 - Personal Shopper
10 - Hero Figure
8 - William Thomas

8th race:
2 - La Hernanda
6 - Scolara
9 - Shadiyna

9th race:
4 - Gozzip Girl
5 - Fast Tigress
1 - Bluegrass Princess

10th race:
3 - Evolutionist
1 - Wild Entry
7 - Spanish Art

Tune in tomorrow night for results.