Friday, September 7, 2007

Paulie's Picks, Belmont, 9/8/07

Here it is, September already, and Belmont is open for the fall meeting. Now that I'm a college professor, I feel sure that I can bring a level of insight and sophistication to my handicapping that I was unable to achieve while I was simply a struggling artist.

With this in mind, here are Professor Paulie's picks for tomorrow's very competitive card:

1st race:
2: Run Red Run
5: Tight Grip
1: Mister Fusaichi

2nd race:
7: Anakim
1a: Cool Coal Man
6: Legacy Thief

3rd race:
7: Treasure Mountain
2b: Saratoga Kaz
4: Front Money

4th race:
9: Si O No
5: Noah A.
6: Gigli

5th race:
8: Vivacious Vivian
4: Delta Weekend
3: Show 'Em All

6th race:
8: Defrereoftheheart
5: Winaway
9: Love Abroad

7th race, The Garden City (G1):
7: Alexander Tango
10: Rutherienne
6: Valbenny

8th race, The Ruffian Handicap (G1):
2: Ginger Punch
4: Take D' Tour
3: Miss Shop

9th race, The Man O' War (G1):
7: Yellowstone
5: Shamdinan
1: Doctor Dino

10th race:
3: Really Rollicking
11: My Man Lars
6: Brazos

Tune in tomorrow night for results.