Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hi, It's Me

Ho Hassle at the Castle is still a living entity despite the lack of activity lately, and Paulie is still a painter, horseplayer, jazz musician and fan, commie, and lover of samurai films. But in recent weeks all of those things have taken a back seat to preparation for my new job as a college professor. My first day was today, and I addressed two classes of freshman who were not quite born when I moved to New York City. Where does the time go?

I'm hoping to get back to work on painting in a serious way now that my course plan is basically laid out, and lest we not forget that Belmont reopens this Friday (don't tell my students about this - ok?).

I read a film review in today's times about an avant-jazz musician, and how he struggles to make ends meet while maintaining an uncompromising dedication to dissonant music. I identified with this in a real way: I played "out" jazz for number of years and ran my own micro record label - I know about the heartaches attached to this particular endeavor. I also identified with it in a more general sense: I've always put art-making ahead of money-making. I guess I've been pretty lucky, though; some years were definitely fatter than others, but I've never missed the rent, and there was always a little left to blow at the track.

Anyway, some new work, which I've been promising to unveil for most of this year, will hopefully begin popping up on No Hassle this fall, so stay tuned.