Saturday, September 8, 2007

Belmont Results, 9/8/07: A Brush With Riches

My wife took a flier on a Pick 6 today; an $8 dollar ticket which had two horses covered in races 5 and 6, and single-horse coverage in races 7 through 10, which is pretty close to naked in terms of playing this particular wager. Well, when Doctor Dino scored in race 9th race, we all looked at Joy's ticket in amazement - she had gotten through 5 races, and was one race away from what is usually the biggest jackpot on the wagering menu.

After the penultimate race in the sequence, the payouts for a winning Pick 6 ticket are flashed on the monitor. If Really Rollicking were to come home in the 10th race, Joy would have won - get ready for it - a little more than $53,000.

My Man Lars, the favorite in the 10th, spoiled the party, and my much-better-half collected the 5-correct consolation prize of $102.

And what about Professor Paulie? If you look at today's results and compare them to Paulie's Picks, you'll see that that I picked five winners, plus the correct exacta in races 1 and 2. How I came out $66 in the red is anybody's guess, but seems to suggest that Professor Paulie is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Don't tell my students - ok?