Saturday, May 19, 2007

Preakness Results and Other News

Well, I was right about the big three from the Derby, just a little off on the order. Curlin looked lean and mean passing four horses before clipping Street Sense at the wire. Two races prior to this gutsy performance, Curlin's jockey, Robby Albarado, was thrown from his horse in the Dixie Stakes. These are tough little men, let me tell you. I hope all three horses show up for the Belmont Stakes in a few weeks, but they probably won't. If there's no hope for a Triple Crown, I think most owners and trainers would just as soon not put their expensive livestock through a mile-and-a-half ordeal; it's more likely they'll show up in the Travers and/or the Breeder's Cup after they're good and rested.

In other news: apparently, Eliot Spitzer's proposal for the overhaul of the New York State racing franchise includes closing Aqueduct (!) and selling the land for commercial development (!!). And to think I voted for this guy. Control of Belmont would be re-opened to the bidding process that started at the tail-end of the Pataki administration, and Aqueduct's winter race meeting would be held there. NYRA would be allowed to maintain control of Saratoga, which is open one month out of the year. In the words of Catskill Regional OTB's president, Donald Groth: “If NYRA were relegated to only have Saratoga, what would they do the rest of the year as an organization?”